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Web Design/Development
SEO, Digital Marketing
Who am i

Zahangir Alam

Digital Entrepreneurship

Recently, I did Honors and Masters in Sociology from DIU. In addition to studying, I am working on an online platform.

I dream of spending myself for the welfare of others. I am fascinated by Islamic ideology and thought. My prayers, my sacrifices, and my life and death are for Allah, the Lord of the worlds.



Our dream of establishing ourselves as a successful Entrepreneur has been with us since childhood.

Web Development

I did the Web Development and Design course from ict + organization. I also worked online for a few days.


I am working as a Branding of Limonia Industries Limited. At present I am the head of Mymensingh division.


We have been working on affiliate marketing, CPA marketing and social media marketing for the last 3years.

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